Thursday, July 31, 2003

God Is An Iron.

Here it is, the middle of another night with the "Fox and the Hound" going in the background. Great invention, the auto repeat setting on the VCR.....

Why the F&H? Seems my sweet patootie - SWMBO ("She Who Must Be Obeyed" for the uninitiated -- see "Rumpole of the Bailey" and others for further discussion and illustration about the phrase) is totally helpless when confronted by the soporific charms of this bit of fluff. She's never made it to the scene where the dog and fox meet... about 10 minutes into the film! And she is off at the crack of dawn (for her) to take a friend from work in to hospital for surgery. This after working her usual 3 to 11+ shift. And she has another one later today... so it falls upon me to wake her up. So of course, tonight I am fighting for all its worth to stay awake... nevermind the hundreds of nights over the years that, try as I might, sleep eluded me. God is an Iron. I'm merely the anvil.

Apologies to Spider Robinson, who (I believe) originated the phrase "God Is An Iron." He did write a short story with that title and it's been reprinted in GOD IS AN IRON, AND OTHER STORIES (Five Star Publishing, May 2002). Obviously, I used the phrase without permission and will no doubt burn in hell for my horrific trespass against my muse and idol, Spider Robinson and his copyright. Sorry. Curmudgeons just have to do stuff sometimes.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003


"Terror On Takeoff? " reads the headline on the news item about continued Al Queda hijack threats worldwide... the bloody sheep need reassurrances that the boogy man is still out there? Gimme a break!

An Explanation...

I'm posting all of the entries on the AOL Journal The Daily Snooze that don't also appear here in order to archive them off-site (having lost my archive computer at home, offsite is a way to go, y'know?).

I'll try hard to avoid duplicates. But if I screw up, just let me know at the address in the profile and I'll do my best to correct the error. Thanks!