Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?

The daughter of my friend Bob up in Brampton, Ontario is seeking pledges for an upcoming "Relay For Life" walkathon to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society.

"The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life is an overnight non-competitive relay that celebrates cancer survivors and pays tribute to loved ones. It's a night of fun, friendship and fundraising to beat cancer. "

This one hits particularly close to home with the removal of a tumor from my big dog's butt last week that is only going so-so (we had to redo the whole thing after the staples pulled on the morning of Day 2 of her recovery). I've had several tumors (melanomas) removed over the years and no doubt, will have more off in future...

So buddies, if you can spare a dime or dollar, your support will be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This 'n' that

Still alive. Thought for a moment I wasn't last Thursday. But, false alarm - I'd merely overdone the preparations for a weekend camping trip and passed out. Some OJ and cancellation of the trip brought me around. A weekend of rest restored me to my customary curmudgeonly ways.

Saw Celtic Woman in concert that Thursday evening. As expected, the singing was wonderful. The choreography ... not so much. Why singers think they can act or dance is beyond my ken. Still it was a great way to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We even ran into a couple my wife hadn't seen in 25 years! So, hello to Dr. Melvin and Barbara in Ponchatoula.

Willow ze Wunderhund , our Bull Mastiff cross, went under the knife today to have a jawbreaker-sized growth removed and biopsied. Initial news not good. Definitive opinions must await histology studies and that will be a couple of weeks, most likely. She came through the general anesthesia without difficulty and is looking forward to getting back to chasing Iggy and the rest of the canine residents around the yard very soon.

Lexy cat, our Maine Coon Cat has decided to do a neighborhood walk-about. Assuming she survives and returns unscathed it'll definitely be bath time for her - fleas are bad this year. Assuming she returns before we leave...

We're slowly getting it together to begin our annual pilgrimage north to Maine. Haven't decided on a route, yet. May take in some of the Smokies and other sights just east of the Mississippi. May head to the coast and head up the flatlands - we are fond of the ocean. To be continued.

Have had a miserable chest & head cold this week. The regular springtime ritual coupled with severe allergies has made Wil a dimwitted boy of late. Not that anyone noticed any significant difference, mind you.

Word from Maine friends reports the possibility of reaching 80 degrees this weekend! Only last week they were having flurries. Hoo boy - there's a recipe for some monstrous colds.

That's all the personal news fit for publication. Assuming I don't DFO¹ in the next couple of days, it's off to NOLA, the aquarium and Bourbon Street for some coffee with chickory and Beignets.

¹DFO= an acronym for "Done Fell Out" which is pretty much what I did, too.

04/24 UPDATE: Willow survived the general anesthesia and is resting quietly in her crate for the next 10 days. Not looking real good for the long-term prognosis but won't know anything for another week or two. Necessity of return visit to the Vet in 10 days means departure is delayed until after the first week in May.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goodbye, Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Ann Briggs, AKA "Marilyn Chambers" died April 12, 2009 at the age of 56 from undetermined causes. Foul play is not suspected.

Best known for her role in "Behind The Green Door" (1972), Miss Chambers was found by her daughter. No arrangements have been announced.

She was probably the prettiest, most vivacious actress to grace an X-rated screen; certainly, she was the first to bring an actor's sensibility to the cultural wasteland of pornography. She wasn't hard-edged like Linda Lovelace, another contemporary. I definitely had a crush on her ... Rest in Peace.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dog Takes Blanket From Cat

This appeared over at the J-Walk blog last week. For those who haven't seen it, it's an eye-opener. And funny, too.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Darling...

Ten years ago this morning, you crawled from your sickbed at O-dark thirty to have your hair and nails done in anticipation of your nuptials. Then you went drinking with your buddies at 9:00 AM! To steady your nerves, so y'all claimed (a likely story).

Fortunately for me, baby brother (RIP) made sure I didn't oversleep, so I didn't beat him into an even earlier grave. Because, when I got done with him, you'd have started in.

Our wedding commenced at 11:00 in the Gazebo at Cascade Park. Then off to a fine dinner at Paul's restaurant with the entire wedding party (all 9 of us). Home and into bed with a 101° fever by 2:30 PM. I'd succumbed to your flu infection.

It was an affair to remember, alright.

And I'd gladly do it again this morning, love.

If I was home, I'd have gotten some scans of the photos from that day. Instead, you'll just have to imagine them, dear readers.

Oh My!

This is just one of a dozen images of an exploding undersea volcano off the coast of Tonga which appeared on's fine photoblog, The Big Picture. This stuff is right up Remo's alley.

P.S. This IS NOT breaking news -- the eruption occurred circa March 18, 2009.