Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer's End

I've been remiss, posting here.

We've finally had summer and I have been enjoying it as much as possible.

But now, autumn is approaching. Summer is a grand old dame and we have had a nice two week run of warm, sunny days and cool, clear nights. Tonight, though, they are forecasting patchy frost and temps in the high 30's. Time to start getting the urge for going . Chevrons of geese family groups have been coming to the beaver pond down back ... I hear them squabbling at dusk and dawn' occasionally they'll take flight.

Jumped three does in the old garden spot at dawn yesterday. Funny watching their flags a bobbing as they took off across the field while the buck snorted up a heck of a racket in the hedgerow over the smell of my urine. Iggy, usually the whirling black dervish, ignored the does and huddled behind me after the buck started in with his foolishness. Guess the little monster is learning a little caution as he gets older.

I miss writing here and I don't. We hired broadband from the local cable company, Time-Warner, as well as cable tv service. Of course, that was when I thought we'd spend the summer at the camp. Well, a number of issues prevented that plan from coming to fruition, so computer Internet access has been spotty and competes with TV.

Guess which one wins out most often?

Exactly. I am a couch potato.

So what do you think? Should I shut this place down, rather than allowing it to become one of the derelict sites on the blogosphere? Or just keep on with these very sporadic entries?

Inquiring minds want to know...