Sunday, November 14, 2010

absence is unbecoming

My laptop threw a shoe Friday. The Geek Squad says the motherboard is the cause and the solution is replacement. Good thing I bought the extended warrantyI will return in six to eight weeks.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Pulling Teeth and Deer Hunting for Dummies

I survived the visit to the dentist this morning. No extensive bleeding and the post-procedure pain is tolerable. No solid food for 24, then mush for a week. The Doc took out two teeth and thinks the bone infection is under control. We'll see.

It's been pretty cold in the morning lately. Water buckets have an inch of ice and I find it necessary to break skim ice with one of the frozen buckets to get water from the lake. Winter is on its way (Boo~ Hiss!)

Ran into my neighbor (Hi, Katey) this morning at o'dark thirty - we were both putting our trash barrels out for pick-up at 7:00. The changeover to standard time next week will give a whole new meaning to 'being in the dark'. Instead of a gray dawning it'll be strictly starlight to load the barrels by.

Deer hunters are out in full force. What the heck is with these folks that they feel the need to shoot their buck or doe two, three, even four times? Some asshat tried to kill a deer in the middle of a game preserve (Marsh Island - all of UMO and most of Orono and Old Town) field behind the new Old Town Elementary School yesterday. This brilliant ex-con hadn't a sufficient clue as to where they were and what was downrange. Like the University of Maine biking/jogging trail, a housing development and the aforementioned school. I used to work the Radio Shack that was in the strip mall in front of this field. What a maroon!

And So It Goes...