Monday, October 28, 2013

Scary Thought For This Morning

Came down early to make coffee. Opened the door to let the dog out. One eye open, I looked out upon the lake 20 feet away in mill pond smoothness and thought,

"Oh my gods! It's shell ice."

That is likely to happen tonight, Monday, as the predicted low is 21° F.

And So It Goes...

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autumn Is In Full Swing

Hey all! Missed me? That's OK, your aim will improve.

The leaves have departed to huge mounds at the curbs of streets. Laughable, as it may be weeks before Public Works will get to them, what with plow trucks to ready, salt and sand piles to top off, and last minute road openings to finish before the serious freeze arrives. Down here near sea level, the bears and skunks are still making a nuisance of themselves fattening on mast (acorns) and getting themselves into trash can mischief on pick-up day. The dog and cat are putting serious efforts into covering every surface with hair. Next time, it'll be both white or both black ... none of this Harlequin crap to deal with. Then again, Miss Belle has been looking mighty tempting to this year's fledgling Great Horned Owl that persists in whistling up a sonata of fetching dog calls. Sounds like novice day at the dog park out there with the full moon and bare ground yielding nothing for her belly, again. Luckily, the juvenile bald eagle has moved into town, striking herring gulls in mid-air at the local Mickey D's, to the horror of soccer moms refueling their teamsters before practice. And this year's loon is so forlorn it's taking to hanging out with migrating geese at night. NOT good, as there are a few weekend warriors blasting away on Friday and Saturday mornings at sun-up.

So Winter is just around the corner but thankfully late in putting in an appearance here in the lowlands. Do we stay or do we go? We are still on the fence. Money is really tight. My health, in particular, is giving us fits. SWMBO is enjoying her new job, but it doesn't pay enough to get an apartment in town, even if we could find a reasonable rent that takes pets. Heating this spacious new home takes 2-3 Times the LP gas that the Airstream took, despite good insulation... just a lot more volume. It probably won't fit into my daughter's yard in Louisiana, either. So then it becomes a question of finding an affordable park, near some kind of sit down work, with full hookups that takes a dog (the cat will not travel). A tall order.

So that's where we are this week. Next week, who knows? BLM boondocking near Quartzite sounds better all the time. Or, maybe, the Rio Grande Valley or Port Aransas? So much depends on keeping the better half happy. Me, I'd be happy working a gate at a well site. Just pay me enough to download books to my Kindle.

And So It Goes.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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Monday, October 07, 2013

Rain, rain ...

Go away.
Come again,
A sunny day!