Friday, October 09, 2009

Departure Delayed...

I'm alive and able to take nourishment. Plans to get the heck out of cold country for warmer climes earlier this year than in the past have come to a screeching halt. The culprits are bureaucracy and procrastination. Due to a rescheduled mediation concerning my wife's claim for workman's compensation, it is looking like it will be the end of November or early December before being able to depart Maine. Ouch!

Did you know that the earliest snow around here is October 6, while the
average date for accumulative snow is October 19, according to information provided by the forecasters at NOAA/NWS in Caribou, Maine to the local TV Weather Weenie? Well, I remember plowing on October 9 once. Had to stop butchering a hog to help my step-monster put the plow frame back on the truck (we'd had a camper loaned to us and needed to mount the spare tire carrier on the front). I know I said it back then, but once again a sincere "Thank you, Matt" is in order for the effort he expended on my behalf that night.

Anyway, I thought I should let y'all know what is doing in "Vacationland" with the Old Dog and his SWMBO. See you soon. Just not as soon as we had hoped.

Now, where did I put the monkey wrench? I have to pull the pump and the waterline strainer out of the lake before it freezes -- they're forecasting freezing temperatures for tomorrow night. Cast iron may be strong -- but it is no match for the power of water freezing solid.

A final note -- you'll love this funny tale by Ken Futch explaining how he shot himself and the aftermath of that action. Wonderful story-telling. And a special tip of the hat to the Bayou Renaissance Man, from who's blog the YouTube video was first viewed by Yours Truly. Get well soonest, old man...