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Present and accounted for

Well, we made it to Baton Rouge in mid-December. Thanks to the comment by Lois in the last entry, I felt sufficiently guilt-tripped to post his update (grin). The weather has been a delightful mix of sun and rain, until a stray snowflake tickled my nose yesterday afternoon. Looks like my friends in Canada are being overly generous again, shipping their "Alberta Clippers" south to Cajun Country. Tonight they are forecasting a low of 25�° F. By Friday they're predicting a frigid 17° F. Global warming – my left foot. Seems more like the onset of a new ice age to me.

The holidays were pleasant, New Year's Eve was a repeat of the suburban war zone I described two years ago and now the the new year let-down begins. Looking for work sucks in this economy – unless you are physically able to work “offshore”. There seems to be quite a few opportunities for oil & gas platform and related industrial jobs. Not so much for old duffers who can't stand longer than 15 minutes at a time...

I hope you all have a healthy and prosperous new year. Really, who can afford to get sick these days, even if you are so fortunate as to have health insurance coverage?