Wednesday, May 18, 2005


As promised last week when I replied to Carly's (OndineMonet) send up of 10 Things about me, here's one for someone who asked me to do them. Sort of. Dang, that doesn't sound right, at all! There'll be another one in a couple of weeks when I get back from my "forced vacation." (see below).


  1. Nzforme is addicted to peanut butter

  2. Nzforme loves to have workers traipsing through her condo with their “plumber's crack” exposed

  3. Nzforme claims at the top of her journal that she is a “35-year-old wussy girl.” That is only partially true.

  4. There once was a photograph on “So This Is A Treadmill” that put Sharon Stone's infamous scene to shame.

  5. Nzforme enjoys hiking up mountains in the pre-dawn light in order to watch the sun rise.

  6. Nzforme is a Deputy District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles, California who specializes in prosecuting child molesters. (Her favorite class in law school was torts and whey.)

  7. Nzforme grew up in a large Catholic family with seven sisters and one brother in eastern Connecticut.

  8. Nzforme has a major “thing” about shoes. In fact, she is a distant relative of Imelda Marcos.

  9. Nzforme has a dark obsession she hides from us all and it doesn't involve chocolate, nor shoes. It's way more kinky than that!

  10. Nzforme's favorite movie is “Earth Girl's Are Easy” because Jeff Goldblum's tongue “makes me hot...”

There you have it. Now, how many of the above are really true and how many are fabrications, hmm? Only Nzforme can tell us for sure. Tune into her journal, So This Is A Treadmill to see her response in a day or so.

As for me, I have an announcement. SWMBO* – my wife, the love of my life, has decided I am way too cranky and cantankerous for my own good. She has declared the computer “off-limits” for an in determinant duration to be referred to as “the vacation.” I'll see you when she lets me back on.

And so it goes...

*SWMBO = "She Who Must Be Obeyed"

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Caca For Condy

Caca From Condy

This is a prime example of what's wrong with the extreme right in the good old USA - some of them think like this guy, even if he is living out of country now. It's even more interesting to note that he made the statement in a Muslim country which does not support the 'right to free speech,' which could get him incarcerated for a very long time. I'll bet he didn't think of that for even a second, insulated as he is in his armed compound, schtupping his 13 year old sex slave...

"While our nation continues down the destructive path of assiduous secularization and the relentless unabated demonization of Christianity, these words will be interpreted and seen by the Muslim world as our nation's acquiescence to the superiority of Islam." - LHM, An American ExPat in Southeast Asia

Made in response to this statement:

"Disrespect for the Holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States" ~ Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State

Just for the record, Secretary Rice is full of shit, too.

I see rampant disrespect for all things traditional and religious in this country in local, state and federal governments, in our civic organizations, our politics and our churches.

Mind you, I have an abiding hatred for all things Catholic, myself, after witnessing firsthand the mental, physical and economic poverty of Central and South America caused by the tenets and strictures of the Church. The boulevard I lived on in Guadalajara annually became awash in the blood of the mestizo devotees crawling on their hands and knees to worship at the Cathedral de la Virgin de Zapopan. Literally a blood-soaked pavement. Absolute stupidity.

In a similar vein, I harbor the same hatred for all Muslims on their pilgrimages to Mecca. Which means I detest all of Islam for the very same reasons I detest the Church in Rome.

I am not alone and I wouldn't put it past people like me, be they lawyers or soldiers or both, to desecrate the Koran, the Holy Bible or the Talmud gleefully. Yep, that means I am a small-minded bigot myself. And so it goes...

But it also proves that Secretary of Rice is full of shit, too.

Thus endeth the sermon for this Sunday...

Quote for May

"The word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly', meaning 'many', and the word 'ticks', meaning 'blood sucking parasites'." - Larry Hardiman

By the way, the inspiration and trigger for remembrance of the Hardiman quote was this entry on the Simian Farmer's blog. The article he cites and excerpts points out just one of the many reasons I hate George Bush and wish him impeached -- I subscribe to interpretation number 3 of the meaning of 9/11, but it wouldn't be too difficult to slip into number 4. After all, both Georgie, President Dad and Dick are pawns of the Saudi Royal Family...

Asleep at the switch... a word to the wise.

I wrote this a few minutes ago. It's pretty much self-explanatory. Just a word to the wise kind of thing.

Dear M,

I was asleep at the computer when you sent the following, which I just discovered upon returning to the computer after SWMBO woke me when she came home from working her overnight shift:

"MisM57192S: Good Morming Will
MisM57192S: Should I save all my pictures to disc??"

If you are asking about the photos you download from your camera to your computer, given my recent experience of losing all of my work from November to the end of April (500+ images and movies) then my unequivocal answer is YES!

I suggest you do as I now intend to do -- download off camera to the computer without deleting from the camera's chip the photos in question -- then make two CD-R/data disks, one of which has a slideshow-type of viewer on disk so the pictures may be viewed on any windoze machine, the other will have both the RAW-format as well as .JPG format pictures on it. If the pictures are really critical (for example, pictures taken under "studio conditions" of your corsets for use on the web site where you will sell your 'naughty nighties' and things) then a third data disk, stored offsite (say at Xxxx's house) along with your duplicate disk(s) of your business records.

Then and only then should you erase the photos from the chip.

I sincerely apologize, but I was overtaken by sleep sometime around 5:00 or so and everything after, until the boss woke me at 7:30, is a dream.


MEME: Unconcious Mutterings #119

Week 119

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Grandma::Moses
2. Pet::dogs
3. Desolate::inconsolable
4. Backspace::oops
5. Common ground::country fair
6. Storm::tornado
7. Dark::night
8. Water bottle::hydration
9. Training::wheels
10. dot coms::flameouts

There they are for another week. Get your own words list and
notification when the words are ready for prime time over to La Luna
Niña <>'s place. You ought to leave a link
to your answers in the comments over there, too. Tell her "Wil sent me"
when you do.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Orgasm Day

Seems a small town in northeast Brazil declared May 12th to be Orgasm Day

Wouldn't you know I'd miss something cool like that by having to keep a doctor's appointment? Life sucks when you're over the hill.

But it's a cool concept, nevertheless... :D

Thanks to the
Phishy Phin for bringing it to my attention, even if he did abandon Blogger.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Making do...

Here in Maine we have a saying:

Make do, do without, use it up, wear it out.

Here's my buddy, Gerrit Boseman's illustration of how to "make do"...

Scary. I wouldn't be too keen on relying on the coefficient of friction of polyethylene film to keep from being crushed. Now, if he spread some sharp sand between each layer ... maybe.

Test: How Republican Are You?

I wasn't totally satisfied with the choices offered in that test yesterday - I came out way too liberal for my tastes, owing to the fact the test questions were on the wimpy side of the fence. So I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this test in Wit-Nit's blog. Now this is more like it!

I am:
"The only way left to save the democratic ideals of the Founders is to overthrow the elected administration in a patriotic revolution!"

Are You A Republican?

Once I'd gotten over the foolishness, I went back and gave it an honest try, without trying to slant it to the Right of Atilla The Hun and came out smelling like this:

I am:
"I bet you'd like Democrats okay if they wouldn't keep handing out your paycheck to urban welfare cheats, right? (And you probably don't want me to be saying anything about 'urban' being some kind of code word, I bet.)"

See? I'm not as evil as you thought I was, now am I?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Political Leanings - How Conservative/Liberal Are You?

Patrick, the self-same pundit of The Saturday Six, stumbled in a lonely, drunken haze upon this political test, a litmus on Conservative vs. Liberal issues. He scored right down the middle, a political milqetoaste, a Jimmy Carter of the Commercial Producers, worse than Bill Clinton, flipping and flopping around.

I am not quite as conservative as ScreaminRemo but a damn sight more conservative than most would give me credit for...

Your Political Profile

Overall: 60% Conservative, 40% Liberal

Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Tuesday's Test

I found this over on Aurora Walking Vacation and decided to share my sickness with you...

Spiteful Loner
You are 100% Rational, 0% Extroverted, 71% Brutal, and 42% Arrogant.

You are the Spiteful Loner, the personality type that is most likely to
go on a shooting rampage. You are a rational person and tend to hold
emotions in very low-esteem; not only that, but you are also rather
introverted, meaning you probably bury any emotions you feel deep
inside yourself. Combine these traits with your hatred of others and
your brutality, and it seems that you would be quite likely to shoot
innocent people in a rampage. Not only that, but you are also a very
humble person--not a braggart at all--meaning you could possibly have
low-self esteem. This is only yet one more incentive to go on a
shooting rampage, because you wouldn't care if you died as a result.
Granted, you probably haven't gone on a shooting rampage and probably
never will, but all the motivations are there. In conclusion, your
personality is defective because you are too introverted, brutal,
insecure, and rather unemotional. No wonder no one hangs around you,
you morbid, cold-hearted freak!

To put it less negatively:

1. You are more RATIONAL than intuitive.

2. You are more INTROVERTED than extroverted.

3. You are more BRUTAL than gentle.

4. You are more HUMBLE than arrogant.


Your exact opposite is the Televangelist.

Other personalities you would probably get along with are the Capitalist Pig, the Smartass, and the Sociopath.



If you scored near fifty percent for a certain trait (42%-58%), you
could very well go either way. For example, someone with 42%
Extroversion is slightly leaning towards being an introvert, but is
close enough to being an extrovert to be classified that way as well.
Below is a list of the other personality types so that you can
determine which other possible categories you may fill if you scored
near fifty percent for certain traits.

The other personality types:

The Emo Kid: Intuitive, Introverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Starving Artist: Intuitive, Introverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Bitch-Slap: Intuitive, Introverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Brute: Intuitive, Introverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

The Hippie: Intuitive, Extroverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Televangelist: Intuitive, Extroverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Schoolyard Bully: Intuitive, Extroverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Class Clown: Intuitive, Extroverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

The Robot: Rational, Introverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Haughty Intellectual: Rational, Introverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Spiteful Loner: Rational, Introverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Sociopath: Rational, Introverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

The Hand-Raiser: Rational, Extroverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Braggart: Rational, Extroverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Capitalist Pig: Rational, Extroverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Smartass: Rational, Extroverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Rationality
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 0% on Extroversion
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 72% on Brutality
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 54% on Arrogance
Link: The Personality Defect Test written by saint_gasoline on Ok Cupid

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Meme: The Sunday Brunch - Birthdays

Mistress Erica, dominatrix and proprietor of The Sunday Brunch celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday and my better half, Mistress Tammi, celebrates her for(*&^#murmph birthday today. What better topic then, than birthdays?

"A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age." -Robert Frost

1) What is your birthday, what time were you born, what astrological sign are you, and what city and state were you born in?
I'm a Virgo, born in the early morning. While born in the United States, I wasn't born in a city or a state...
2) Are there any famous events or famous people that share your special day? Nope - we're ALL special.
3) What did you do to celebrate your last birthday? Went out to dinner with my wife and brother.
4) What is your best birthday celebration that you can remember? They've all been good - none stand out.
5) What is the best birthday present you have ever received? They've all been good - none better than the rest.

That's all I've got, folks! Have a great day! And Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! And to all the MoFo's out there, well, get your stuff together, your Momma's waiting on you to call her today.

Meme: Unconcious Mutterings #118

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Week 118

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Android::Robin Williams
2. Revenge::GodFather
3. Knight::Errant
4. Stranded::alone
5. Weakness::muscle
6. Greed::Mammon
7. Walter::Mitty
8. Dense::lead
9. Sheep::Counting
10. Propane::Gas grill

You, too, may have your very own copy of the trigger words. Just swing by Unconscious Mutterings and sign yourself up with Patricia. Tell her 'Wil sent me' when you do... Thanks!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Meme: Weekend Assignment #58: Mothers and Children

Weekend Assignment #58: Mothers and Children

John Scalzi, Blogfather to the AOL Journals community, had this to say about that:

"Welcome to the Weekend Assignment! This is the first of these we're doing with AIM Bloggers in the mix, so for their benefit, let me go over the idea of the weekend assignment:

Basically, I'll give you an idea for an entry here, and you go back to your blog or journal and write it up. And then you come back to this entry, and leave a link to the assignment on your blog here in the comment thread. Then, over the weekend, I'll highlight as many of the Weekend Assignment entries as possible here at By The Way -- and several will be highlighted on the
AOL Journals Main Screen next week. It's a great way to explore other AIM Blogs and AOL Journals, and have other AIM Bloggers and AOL Journalers visit you as well."

Mother's Day is this Sunday, and we're welcoming AIM Bloggers to their very first Weekend Assignment, so for this week, we're going to do something sweet and simple:

Weekend Assignment #58: Post one of your favorite mother/child pictures.
This could be a picture of you and your mother (at any age), or a picture of you with your children (again, at any age), or even one of your spouse and kids. But it should be a mother who is important to you personally.

(AIM Bloggers: Wondering how to add pictures to your Blog?
Visit this entry, which tells you how.)

Extra Credit
(this is an optional part of the assignment): Share a piece of fun trivia about your mom.

Sorry, no pictures extant of my mother and I, nor of me and my kids or their mother. Guess you'll have to settle for this photograph of my mother, spring of '63, Carmel, California. She was 39 at the time. In less than two years she would be dead. A light went out on this planet when that happened.

And so it goes...

P.S. She was one of the original hire stewardesses for Capital Airways flying out of Washington, D.C. after WWII. Capital was later sold to TWA.

Happy Mother's Day to mothers the world over - ya'all deserve a day off.

Meme: Saturday Six - Episode 56

Each week, level-headed, mild-mannered reporter, Patrick NoLastName, gets nosey and starts asking questions and taking names and jotting down times and in general, gets busy (heheheh - I know - double entendre alert). Most weeks, I answer the nosey lil mugger. You can, too. Just stop by Patrick's Place and get a copy of the questions for yourself and leave a link to your answers in the comments. Be sure to let Mr. NoLastName know where you got the idea...

Image Hosted by

1. What is your single biggest frustration right this minute?

AOL Journalers who use "You've Got Pictures" or the "Add Pictures From Hometown" links to insert images into their journal -- they can't be viewed in regular (non-AOL) browsers that way. Only by using the little camera icon or by coding yourself do your images get inserted in standard HTML. While AOL is to blame, once someone is aware of the problem, they should stop with the exclusionary ca-ca.

2. What classic television show would you most like to see made into a modern-day movie? What classic movie do you think you'd like to see remade?

I can't think of a single one - why can't they hire real writers and make new ones? What's with mining the past in an attempt to bolster views? Why must every network jump on the Reality TV bandwagon? What are they, a bunch of lemmings? Grrr...

3. How many people in your family are war veterans? Of those, how many have you actually talked to about their experiences in war?

Too many. My mother and her brother, and my father all served in WWII. Both of my Grandfathers served in WWI. I spoke with my mother and father about their experiences before they died.

4. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #51 from COURTENAYMPHELAN: Who do you think is the best author in J-land for poetry? How about for prose?

Man, {major whiney voice} I am so not going to answer this question...

COURTENAYMPHELAN: If you haven't put your picture in your journal, would you consider doing so? If you have, what made you do so?

I have my picture on display in the Blogger version of the Daily Snooze in the sidebar because it was easy to do. My picture has appeared at the Daily Snooze on AOL a number of times. Too much trouble to mess with the AOL bull malarkey template to insert a photo.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #53 from Nyuknyukpik2: What is your favorite black and white movie and why?

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir -- it evokes an era I missed out on.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Humor: The Perfect Password

A woman was helping her husband set up his computer, and at the appropriate point in the process, told him that he would now need to enter a password ... "Something you'll use to log on to the computer."
The husband was in a rather amorous mood and figured he would try for the shock effect to bring this to his wife's attention. So, when the computer asked him to enter his password, he made it plainly obvious to his wife that he was keying in:


His wife fell off her chair laughing when the computer replied:


Blogging News: AIM Users Get Free Blogs

"There Goes The Neighborhood!"

That probably was what the Blogger and Live Journal communities said when AOL announced the addition of blogs to the offerings for their clients. Well, that community has grown to a million-plus in just two and a half years and is now poised to become the 800 pound Gorilla AND piss off What's-his-name at Micro$oft... if you have AOL's AOL Internet Messenger (AIM) you now can have a free AOL blog! No need for any account with AOL except the free AIM username. Updates can be done direct from AIM or by using any of the following browsers:

MSIE 5.5 and higher
Netscape Navigator 7.0 and higher
Mozilla 1.0 and Higher (this includes Firefox)
Apple Safari 1.1 and higher

So ... no excuse now not to have a blog you keep updated from your cell phone or IPAQ or Palm machine -- they can all do AIM. And if you have been looking for a site to keep a backup of your blog on, this is convenient, free and AOL has massive server farms and redundant RAID systems, so you aren't likely to lose that gem of an entry.

Take a moment to visit AOL's AIM web site to learn the particulars.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Now What Have You Done? A Life-Experiences Meme

This has been floating around for a while. I first saw it over on a Live Journal and didn't give it a thought. Then AOL's Blogfather, John Scalzi, posted something similar on his AOL Journal, By The Way. I snagged this version from tschamberland's Life, Live It Or Miss Out.
I cleaned up some typos and added a few new things. Make of it what you will...

Put an x next to the things you've done:

(x) smoked a cigarette
(x) smoked a cigar
() made out with a member of the same sex
(x) been in love
(x) been dumped
(x) stolen
(x) been fired
(x) been in a fight
(x) snuck out of my parent's house
(x) had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
() been arrested
(x) made out with a stranger
(x) gone on a blind date
(x) lied to a friend
(x) had a crush on a teacher
(x) skipped school
(x) slept with a coworker
(x) seen someone die
() had a crush on one of your blogging friends
(x) been to Canada
(x) been to Mexico
(x) been on a plane
() thrown up in a bar
() purposely set a part of myself on fire
(x) eaten Sushi
() been snowboarding
() met someone in person from the blogosphere
( ) been hxc dancing at a show
() been in an abusive relationship
(x) taken painkillers
(x) love someone or miss someone right now
(x) laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
(x) made a snow angel
() had a tea party
(x) flown a kite
(x) built a sand castle
(x) gone puddle jumping
(x) played dress up
(x) jumped into a pile of leaves
(x) gone sledding
(x) cheated while playing a game
(x) been lonely
(x) fallen asleep at work/school
(x) used a fake id
(x) watched the sun set
(x) felt an earthquake
(x) touched a snake
(x) slept beneath the stars
(x) been tickled
(x) been robbed
(x) been misunderstood
(x) pet a reindeer/goat
() won a contest
(x) run a red light
() been suspended from school
(x) been in a car accident
(x) had braces
(x) felt like an outcast
(x) eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
() had deja vu
() danced in the moonlight
(x) hated the way you look
(x) witnessed a crime
() pole danced
(x) questioned your heart
() been obsessed with post-it notes
(x) squished barefoot through the mud
(x) been lost
(x) been to the opposite side of the country
(x) swam in the ocean
(x) felt like dying
(x) cried yourself to sleep
(x) played cops and robbers
() recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers
(x) sung karaoke
(x) paid for something with only coins
(x) done something you told yourself you wouldn't
() made prank phone calls
(x) laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(x) caught a snowflake on your tongue
(x) danced in the rain
(x) written a letter to Santa Claus
(x) been kissed under a mistletoe
(x) watched the sun set with someone you care about
(x) blown bubbles
(x) made a bonfire
(x) crashed a party
(x) gone roller-skating
(x) had a wish come true
() humped a monkey
() worn pearls
() jumped off a bridge
() screamed penis in class
(x) ate dog/cat food
(x) told a complete stranger you loved them
(x) kissed a mirror
(x) sang in the shower
() have a little black dress
(x) had a dream that you married someone
() glued your hand to something
() got your tongue stuck to a flag pole
() kissed a fish
(x) worn the opposite sexes clothes (for a play)
() been a cheerleader
(x) sat on a roof top
(x) screamed at the top of your lungs
() done a one-handed cartwheel
(x) talked on the phone for more than 6 hours
(x) stayed up all night
(x) didn't take a shower for a week
(x) pick and ate an apple right off the tree
(x) climbed a tree
() had a tree house
() are too scared to watch scary movies alone
() believe in ghosts
() have more then 30 pairs of shoes
() worn a really ugly outfit to school just to see what others say
() gone streaking
() played ding-dong-ditch
() played chicken [in the pool]
(x) been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on
() been told you're hot by a complete stranger
(x) broken a bone
(x) been easily amused
(x) caught a fish then ate it
() made porn
(x) caught a butterfly
(x) laughed so hard you cried
() cried so hard you laughed
(x) mooned/flashed someone
(x) had someone moon/flash you
() cheated on a test
() have a Britney Spears CD
(x) forgotten someone's name
(x) slept naked
() French braided someone's hair
(x) gone skinny dippin in a pool
() been kicked out of your house
(x) ridden a horse bareback
(x) eaten a lobster you caught yourself
(x) killed another human being

Monday, May 02, 2005

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Significant Others

This week's photo shoot has you capturing on film (or digits) some very important people indeed:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of your significant other, or show off a picture of your significant other that you particularly like.

A while back I wrote about this photo, but I can't remember when... typical fog-bound brain, eh what? Anywho, this is the favorite photo of my wife which I have taken, playing on the shingles at Jasmine Beach, Jonesport, Maine. July or August, 1988. The hound was a denizen of the dwellings that surround the small cove that this stone beach comprises.

Meme: Monday Madness - Performance Anxiety

Otto writes, "This week's questions come from one of our fellow Monday Madness participants, Elena
. Thanks so much for the questions, Elena! =)  "

1. How do you find out which performances are in town and at which venue?
Used to be the newspaper -- now it's the paper's web site and another called Bairnet - Bangor Area Resource Network.
2. How do you buy your tickets (i.e. online, box office, eBay)?
3. Do you have copies of seating charts you refer to or just accept what's offered?
They have charts - I usually don't much care where, but how much is a biggie with me.
4. Which is most important: seating location or
hearing the music live?
5. Which venue, if any, do you absolutely refuse to see a performance at?
None come to mind.
6. Do you dine at the venue or eat prior to the performance and why? Usually, eating is before the performance with a snack to get home on.
Unless it's local, any concert or theater is going to be at least 80 miles away and often 150 to 250.
7. Do you attend performances with certain folks only?
My wife or my brother.
8. Which items are standard accessories/must haves for any performance?
Nothing, locally -- a thermos of coffee if it's a drive.
9. Do you buy merchandise/souvenirs?
Sometimes -- T-shirts, commemorative CD's and/or Playbills.
10. What's the most you ever spent for a ticket (one ticket) and which performance? Was it worth it and why?
$100, original cast of Hair! and yes - boobies ;) .
11. How far will you drive for that performance you just can't miss?
I've been known to drive to Boston from here, and to NYC from Burlington, Vermont - those were round trips of 500 miles, when I was young and foolish ... there is no performer, performance or celebrity I would do it for today, however. Not even for Jesus Christ at Madison Square Garden, riding Shiva while kissing Mohammed's arse!

Meme: Sunday Brunch - May 1

Erica <> writes this week to say "I saw on the comments that someone posted that they did not get the email with Notify List. I did send it out last weekend, but we did not have many posters. If you do not get the email this week, please email me privately at or post in the comments, and I'll
check to make sure you are still on the list. Have a great weekend!"

So, if you've been having a problem, there's what you do about it. As always, I encourage you to get your own list of questions by joining the notify list at The Sunday Brunch ... you'll be glad you did.

Onward, for grins and giggles, we confront the "Quote of the Week" and Ericas querolous questions...

"If your family circle joins my family circle, they'll form a chain. I can't have a chink in my chain." -Robert De Niro, Meet The Fockers

Erica just saw Meet The Fockers this weekend, and it really inspired her to do a meme about in-laws! (By the way, it's HILARIOUS if you haven't seen it.)

"Even though not everyone is married, someone has some sort of inlaw somewhere ... whether it be parents-in-law, sisters/brothers-in-law, or children-in-law. Let's chat about it! (By the way, after I finish posting this, I'm on my way to the kitchen to bake an apple pie for my father-in-law's birthday...I have in-laws on the brain!)"

1) How many official in-laws do you have? (Don't count's
too hard.)
That's a tough one - they're so, um, prolific! The number changes daily... 24?

2) Do you love your in-laws or hate your in-laws?
They are thousands of miles away for the most part. I enjoy their company when I am with them, but haven't spent enough time with them to develop such strong emotions one way or the other.

3) What is the most annoying thing that your in-laws have ever done?
Nothing comes to mind.

4) What is the funniest thing that your in-laws have ever done?
Same as #4.

5) Do your in-laws have a tradition that you like that you have incorporated into your own family?
Crawfish boils!

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Color Test

Remember the old "Idiot's Delight" card you made in grade school which read, on both sides, "Please see other side" and how annoying it was, yet fun in a sick way? Well, this Color Test will do the same thing, but it's even more infuriatingly fun!
(Yes, I know. Too much time on my hands...)

Meme: Unconscious Mutterings #117

Patricia has let loose another controlled burst from her unctuous unconscious mind --

I say ... and you think ... ?


a lost skill
Mustang Sally::
Cobra 327
Hard to get::

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