Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cohen, More Cohen & Hmmmm...

Rfduck greeted the new day thusly, "Hello everyone! I don't like today's theme, so we'll do Friday's. Friday was Vitamin C day."

1. What is your favorite band or artist whose name starts with the letter C?
Leonard Cohen

2. What is your favorite song that starts with the letter C?
Closing Time by the aforementioned L.C. as seen on Youtube
3. What is your favorite album that starts with the letter C?

My, my, this one is tough. Conservatively, I have near to a thousand albums in my collection, most on vinyl. Nope, while many have accused me of being an asshole, few (except my wife) would ever accuse me of being anal. So no, the albums are neither cataloged nor indexed and they aren't arranged alphabetically, either. Hence the dilemma - I am hard-pressed at the moment, to name even one album beginning with the letter "c".


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Cohen Live
Cohen Live cover
Live album by Leonard Cohen
Released 1994
Recorded 1988, 1993
Genre Folk-rock
Length 71:50
Label Sony
Leonard Cohen chronology
The Future
Cohen Live
More Best of Leonard Cohen

Cohen Live is a live album by Leonard Cohen released in 1994.

The songs were recorded live in 1988 and 1993.

Track listing

  1. "Dance Me to the End of Love" (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
  2. "Bird on the Wire" (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
  3. "Everybody Knows" (Vancouver, June 29, 1993)
  4. "Joan of Arc" (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
  5. "There Is a War" (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
  6. "Sisters of Mercy" (Toronto, June 18, 1993)
  7. "Hallelujah" (Austin, October 31, 1988)
  8. "I'm Your Man" (Toronto, June 17, 1993)
  9. "Who by Fire?" (Austin, October 31, 1988)
  10. "One of Us Cannot Be Wrong" (San Sebastian, May 20, 1988)
  11. "If It Be Your Will" (Austin, October 31, 1988)
  12. "Heart With No Companion" (Amsterdam, April 19, 1988)
  13. "Suzanne" (Vancouver, June 29, 1993)
All of the info above from the Wikipedia entry on the album Cohen Live.

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Anonymous said...

.... I prefer Waits to Cohen..... what are your thoughts in comparing the two?....