Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Darling...

Ten years ago this morning, you crawled from your sickbed at O-dark thirty to have your hair and nails done in anticipation of your nuptials. Then you went drinking with your buddies at 9:00 AM! To steady your nerves, so y'all claimed (a likely story).

Fortunately for me, baby brother (RIP) made sure I didn't oversleep, so I didn't beat him into an even earlier grave. Because, when I got done with him, you'd have started in.

Our wedding commenced at 11:00 in the Gazebo at Cascade Park. Then off to a fine dinner at Paul's restaurant with the entire wedding party (all 9 of us). Home and into bed with a 101° fever by 2:30 PM. I'd succumbed to your flu infection.

It was an affair to remember, alright.

And I'd gladly do it again this morning, love.

If I was home, I'd have gotten some scans of the photos from that day. Instead, you'll just have to imagine them, dear readers.


Donna said...

Happy anniversary.... I assume this isn't an "April Fool" entry?

Jay said...

Were you really married on April 1st?

Patrick said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

gigi said...

Congratulations! You married on Aprils Fools Day (?) ~ how wonderful!

Wil said...

No this isn't a joke - April 1 is a family tradition. My parents were married on that date.

I'd do it again and I never, ever, will forget my anniversary, now will I?