Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowmageddon? No, Sneaux Day!

Baton Rouge, LA:

Y'all heard the one about the Louisianian quitting and moving to Hawaii? He'd only read the opening line of this news story.

I come here to the Sportsman's Paradise State every winter not for the fishing, but for the lack of shoveling. The absence of icy driving conditions and power outages due to ice and snow are the cherry on top.

Not so, yesterday. A heavy, wet, icy blanket covered the outlying parishes and the roads were sloppy as hell as I made my way to the clinic so my SIL could have a steroid injection in his back to relieve the pain of severely strained muscles caused by a woman deciding to make a left turn in front of his ambulance while he was responding Code 3 to an emergency.

Admittedly, it was all over by the time we exited the clinic. Roads were clear and temperatures were edging towards the forties. Still, it was a very unpleasant reminder of why I no longer choose to make my home in Maine during the winter.

For those of you digging out of the monstrous snows across the middle of the country recently, you have my sincere sympathy. Do try to squeeze out an alligator tear for my predicament. There isn't enough snow left to cool my ice tea...

Sneaux Day: The Baton Rouge Advocate's slideshow of scenes around the area yesterday is here.

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