Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Allergies, Books and Enui

SWMBO is off gallivanting the countryside with her son. Son-in-Law is mowing the lawn. Iggy is wrestling with the big dogs. And I am cooped up in the trailer with the AC running to avoid all the allergens being whipped into the air by the power mower. On board are two Claritin, a Benedryl and a nasal shot of Nasonex. The eyes still itch.

I could be reading an honest-to-gawd book with pages and ink and everything as I have several in the works (Kim Harrison's White Witch, Black Curse, Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, Michael Zadorian's the Leisure Seeker) but that wolud require wearing reading glasses and they give me a headache. (I know; bitch, bitch, bitch).

SWMBO has the truck, so am stuck until her return. Then again, gas is almost at $3 a gallon, so not much driving just to take a ride at 7MPG going on in this gimp's life. Guess I'll go back to reading blogs.

CYA in the funny papers...

*SWMBO= She Who Must be Obeyed; ie. my wife and life-mate.

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Ooshka said...

Just watched Bourdain's trip through Maine on the Food Network the other night...His photographer is Joe Zamboni's son from Milo, They did a bean suppah in Milo (My home town).