Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Week One 2011

A new day, a new year, and it’s cold and snowy at one point and now there’s a high dominating for a bit and the sun is out (still cool, though – maybe 25° for  high today). The weather weenies are already talking up a big storm for week’s end – I take a wait and see attitude. They are only even close to right half the time up here.

January is traditionally the start of ice fishing season. This is an obscure sport, only practiced in the North Country. It really isn’t about the fish around here (high mercury levels, amongst other nasties). It often involves elaborate preparations, palatial huts about the size of my trailer, “The Flying Pig”, large quantities of liquid fire (whiskey), snowmobiles, ATV’s and old trucks driven by mad men on the frozen surfaces of lakes and rivers. Not this year. The warm-up last week coupled with the miniscule quantity of ice made before snow covered it and insulated it from the outside air, allowing the ice to weaken from contact with liquid water from below means there is an extremely dangerous ice cover this year … less than 4 inches, in the case of Pushaw Lake. So much for freezing my ass off in pursuit of “too much fun” as my friend Barney of “Old Fat Man Adventures” is so fond of saying. At least for a while until there is enough ice to support this old fat man.

Started up the tow truck the other day. Everything seems to be hunky-dory, but I didn’t take it out (no registration). Just ran her back and forth in the dooryard, let the battery charge up and circulated the vital fluids a mite.

I have a really serious case of “hitch itch” not improved by reading all the blogs of fulltime and snowbirds in the South. Combine that with the loneliness engendered by a spouse tending one of her fledglings in a period of health crisis. Add extreme economic stress. Mix and savor in your lawn chair at –5°. Repeat as the weather permits. Don’t forget the chronic cold feet from contact with the floor of a trailer never intended for winter use in a Northern climate…

Enough. I’ll survive, despite the “Urge for going”. 


Joni is the author of this, one of my favorite songs.


ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Poor Aunt Francis :) Thanks for the laughs this morning!


Anonymous said...

Actually she was known as Joni Anderson, then. Fellow on her left is her 1st husband. I have watched this on many times. Also love her song "California"....wil you take me as I am? Great stuff. I also think you Airstream is cool. Toy hauler is all that will take all my junk.

Wil said...

Thanks for stopping by, Michael. I hear you about wanting to bring so much of your stuff. When on the road, I miss access to my bicycle, kayaks, boat and other gear. SWMBO misses her lighthouse collection and the million-and-one geegaws and gimcracks. Limited (very) resources dictates we make do and do without. When we get a newer rig, it will probably be a fiver, but without the garage. The boss says she wants a bigger home, I ask "how big?"

Safe and happy travels.