Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Musings

First things, first: My hat is respectfully doffed in salute to those brave souls, volunteer or conscripted, who have taken up arms in defense of our country and its ideals, regardless of the overt or covert objectives behind the declarations of President or Congress. I, and every other citizen, owe you all our lives, liberty and happiness. Thank you.

Being the consummate procrastinator, as well as under the weather, I failed to make a trip to town Saturday to acquire a pair of flags to place at my parent's grave site. First thing this morning upon dropping SWMBO at work, I made a bee line to Wally World. Sad to say, there was no joy for the personal patriots division to be had in that big box store. None of the other stores around the Mall open before ten, so I was suspecting the the P' s were going to be SOL in the flag department this year. But, what do I spy but activity in the parking lot of Lowes! Upon investigation, flags of the requisite colors, stripes and stars, of a size to go next to a (flat) headstone were immediately procured and the trek north to the grave yard was undertaken. I am the only family member left. My memory isn't what it once was. So, picture me in our one-ton dualie, driving the cart paths in this 200 years plus old cemetery, driving up and down the same few lanes my memory insists is where the family plot is located, swear softly at myself under my breath, unable to "find" the surname stone. Seems someone cut the bushes that flanked said stone. It hasn't moved -- I just didn't recognize the naked granite marker. Stupid memory.

Anyway, today the forecasters claim we will see the sun for the first time in ten days. The grass is over a foot high and the weed wacker won't start. Oh joy. No money in the kitty for a new one, either.

And So It Goes... Hope y'all have a safe and fun holiday.

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He*\ getting old and broke ....
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