Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Wild Night

(No, not that kind of wild night – I’m well past the point of any wenches giving me a side-long glance, except to check out my prodigious belly.)
Last night I put the slide-outs in three times as line storms roared through with high winds, lots of sky-2-ground lightning and deafening thunder claps. The final instance was at 11:00 PM and was just in the nick of time -- as I was bringing in the third slide-out the winds tried to rip the slide off the trailer. It was the scariest storm yet, as the warning I read online said it was approaching at sixty miles an hour!

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Usually, SWMBO and I watch the lightning out the window in the bedroom with the light off to get the full effect, but on that last one, she left the lights on and pretended to read as it was a particularly violent storm, flattening the waves in one moment and then thrashing them into three foot combers the next. Mind you, we’re parked 10’ from the water’s edge. A wild night, for sure.
A walk-about with Iggy as he performed his constitutional this morning only showed a handful of small, dead limbs down. My wife had left a house dress on the back of a folding chair when she scrubbed down to get the day’s toil and grime off in the afternoon (our shallow bottomed lake is neither cool nor hot, so no point heating water at great expense to bathe) and it was where she’d left it, sodden but no worse for the wear, despite 60+ MPH winds.
To end an already too long entry, we survived, none the worse for wear, except the button pushing finger on yours truly sustained a devastating strain.
And So It Goes.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Glad you survived the storm no worse for wear. When you said you were on the coast, do you mean the Ocean or a big lake?

Wil said...

We are on the South end of a lake outside of Bangor, Maine. It's about seven miles to the North end and if there's a good breeze out of the Northwest, breakers in the three to four foot high class can be expected.

Hope all is OK with your wife's health.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Thanks for rplying to my question. That is pretty rough water, for sure.

My wife is in a lot pain. She hurts all over. Sure hope she can get over it soon.