Friday, December 06, 2013

Leaden Skies

A thaw, of sorts, midweek. Skies are mostly the gray associated with Plumbum and dead humans. Mild temperatures have allowed the ice to get really soft. Today may be the last of the reprieve. Seems all of you good folk out West have been freezing your patooties off, uncharacteristically for this early in the season for most while frightening to some in Southern Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas. Further East, Louisiana and Florida has been a sweltering mess one day, frigid the next, can't satisfy anyone weather-wise that-a-way.

I've been feeling sorta puny for the past week. Can't get off my ass to do much more than the bare minimum and its getting in the way of living my life. I need some tonic. Maybe then I'd get the plumb outta my bum. What do you think?

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