Monday, December 08, 2014

Interim Report: Baton Rouge, LA

We survived Thanksgiving, had a wonderful Ham dinner and all the trimmings with one of SWMBO's daughters, including way more dessert than I should have, but hey, it's T-Day, after all. Hid out through the Black Friday - Cyber Monday madness. Been fighting some stomach bugs off and on since that manifest in odd moments for no apparent provocation. A visit to the Lab next week for bloods should offer up a numerical value or two on the state of my recovery or decline. We'll be meeting with the doctor on the 19th. It is hoped he will give me the OK to resume my wanderings as we were hoping to winter near Port Aransas, Texas. Keeping fingers and toes crossed.

In the meantime, preparations are underway for the coming holidays. Urgency to start and complete repairs is notched a little higher. Never a dull moment when you're a procrastinator, is there?


Dizzy-Dick said...

Will you be located between Winnie and Beaumont?

Wil said...

Nope. If allowed to leave, first stop will be in Livingston TX at Rainbow's End (whence I hope to see you and your wife at flea market), then on to Aransas Pass, Rockport, Sinton, Port Lavacca area (OFM Barney & Billy Bob's stomping grounds) for a bit, either in January or February, depending upon whether SWMBO can be persuaded to visit Quartzite this year. We may stop off in the Galveston and Lake Charles areas on the way back north this spring. All depends on Doctors releasing me for vagabonding.