Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Happy April Fools

Sixteen years ago today, on a balmy spring morning as forsythias set buds and newly emerged grass greened the ugly gray of the more typical Maine early spring, a small gathering of folks at Cascade Park's gazebo looked out over the wreckage of the old Bangor Hydro-Electric flume stocks. The couple standing in the former home of the Bangor Souza Band joined fingers and lives.
It pleases me to remember that day, the celebratory meal at Paul's Restaurant and Speakeasy, and the honeymoon siesta that followed. 

Here's hope there are another sixteen in me, m'dear.


Tammi Mosher said...

I love you.
Mrs. M

Dizzy-Dick said...

Happy anniversary and I do hope you have 16 more and even more after that. My wife and I got married way over 50 years ago and I still like her cooking.