Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Music Mambo -- Hug A Snake Day

RFDuck extracted his beak from his rain slicker long enough to mutter, " Sorry the mambo is up late! Today is National Hugging Day."

"Name three musicians you want to hug, and one you don't want to hug."

"That's all for today. Thanks for mamboing!"

  1. Leonard Cohen - For the hours of pleasure he's given me (that sounds SO WRONG).
  2. Bob Dylan -- For the years of listening pleasure he's given the denizens of this mud ball...
  3. Melanie -- Just because she is.
And the anti-hug of the musical world -- Gene Simmons. The man's tongue just creeps me out.


Donna said...

Bob Dylan. Kris Kristofferson. John Prine.

One I don't want to hug?
I agree. Gene Simmons.

Trish said...

HUG: Jason Mraz. Ani DiFranco. Indigo Girls (group hug)

NO HUG: Gene Simmons (thanks for the horrifying visual)