Monday, January 07, 2008

Seventies Song Suxsations

After a three month hiatus, I return to the Monday Mambo. This week, Russ/rfduck has scuttled the (unknown) theme in favor of queries regarding our 1970's music predilections. Here, see for yourself:

1. What is your favorite band from the seventies (any band that recorded in that decade)?
Hmmm, I was fond of a whole bunch of them. Which genre?

Ok, easy answer - The Doors, Moody Blues, Jefferson Airship, The Grateful Dead are all favorites in their own niches...
2. What is your favorite song that band released in the seventies?
"Roadhouse Blues (1970)" and Riders On The Storm (1970)" come to mind.

3. Where would we find you in the seventies - a disco, a punk concert, or neither?
Neither. I could be found at a little dive a couple of blocks from the Burlington, Vermont waterfront named "The Chicken Bone" owned by a former college roommate. Disco was pervasive in most of the clubs, but at "The Bone" it was an admixture of blues, punk and other rock that could be heard on Friday and Saturday nights.


Janet said...

1. Zeppelin (now)

2. Misty Mountain Hop!

3. 33 Dunster Street in Cambridge, the Commodore in Lowell or the Frolics in Salisbury

Russ/rfduck said...

Welcome back! Thanks for mamboing.

Donna said...

So, are you home now?

Chris said...

punk and blues, what a great blend! The Chicken Bone sounds like a great dive!