Thursday, June 05, 2008

The rumors of our deaths are greatly...

I got an email today from some broker wanting to buy the title to this blog!

Humph ... just because you don't post for a while they think you've rolled over to the grave or buffet or something.

"I'll be back" -- wasn't that the exit line from some toupee scandal on the Wide, Wide World of Sports in the '80's?

Currently in Maryland at the home of the Ancient Mariner. Expect to return to Maine about the time the forest fire threat returns to "Low" if the weather forecasts are accurate. Am busy installing electric motors on tricycles and seats in canoes. Iggy the annoying puppy is thriving and already tips the scales at over 10 pounds! He consumes most of my spare time.

Many things to relate but a lack of easy interweb access (all the wireless routers in the neighborhood are locked, damn it!) and canine-induced exhaustion results in no news from dull boys.

Suffice it to say, I may be slipping ever closer to the precipice of mortality. But I ain't tripped over the edge quite yet. Despite dodging killer tornados and aligators and land sharks with a predilection for shins and fingers.

By the way, I miss you all, too.


Donna said...

Thanks for checking in. I miss you too.

threecollie said...

Glad to see that the rumors were wrong. Good to see you here, thanks

Chris said...

Glad you're ok. I was thinking you'd broken down in a swamp or desert somewhere;)