Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Orbit Files - Free Hosting of up to 6 GB - FREE!

All you AOL Journals authors looking for a new place to host your accumulated photos, web pages and other files have all sorts of options, some free, some cost money. Here's another free option (or, if you need more than 6 GB of free space, one can have unlimited storage for only $5 per month). It's called:

  • 6 GB of online storage space (with a 50 MB per file limit)
  • unlimited storage for $5/month
  • Orbitfiles makes it easy to share files publicly or with friends
  • access your files from anywhere
  • provides you a public landing page for all of your free (Creative Commons license) photos
  • provides useful Windows tools for embedding your files on your blog or web site
  • you can sell files through Orbitfiles' interface (for only a 2% commission)
  • Windows users also get a dedicated download client, Hercules, that makes the upload process much simpler for the novice or typical AOL user.
I make nothing from recommending this service. One of the big stumbling blocks to moving files off AOL was where to put your photos and widgets - here's your chance to control it yourself if you don't wish to use AOL + Blogger's tools and the Picassa service. It's all about you - not them.


Kathy said...

Hey! Thanks Wil, another option is really a good thing. I'm dragging my heals here and while I'm making the move, I'm thinking a transfer to somewhere else FIRST and then another to Blogger is better. I won't have to think about going through this, again.

Random Thoughts said...

Forget this sign up for Amazon S3 at $0.15 per Gigabyte - then get yourself across to SMEStorage and sign up using their OpenS3 beta so you can use your own S3 Keys. Now you can get all the nice features such as file sharing, public files, Facebook integration, iPhone access etc. Also you can import your AOL XDrive files directly into your Amazon S3 Account !