Thursday, December 04, 2008

Got My Deer...

At approximately 5:07 PM, EST (well after sunset in these parts) I bagged my deer for the year. A buck, about 225 pounds, jumped out into the middle of Broadway near Kenduskeag Avenue. I was trapped in a long line of cars heading out of town (what passes for rush hour around here). No where to go. An oncoming vehicle swerves, then skids into and back out of my lane...

KerBLAM! One second I'm minding my own business and the next I am turning off into a woods road to get out of traffic. I was just thankful the fellow behind me didn't ram me - I had two 30 gallon propane tanks strapped in the rear of the Suburban I had just had filled. Would have been a spectacular blast, that's for sure. I'd have been naught but smithereens, too.

Anyway, went out and took an initial look. Dang it - busted lenses. Went back around to get a flashlight and I can hear thrashing just off the road in the woody verge. No gun. Of course. Look down the road. No one else has stopped. Guess the other car didn't think they hit the deer.

Examined the front end. Not only are the lenses busted, but the interior housing is probably cracked, the plastic interface between the grill and front bumper is shattered and the mounts for the bumper are now smushed. I suspect other components of the energy absorbing front end are probably requiring replacement, too.

More thrashing and bleeting from the woody verge.

Being the possessor of enlightened self-interest and self-preservation, I sat my ass back in my truck and considered what to do. Potential for repairs to exceed the $1000 threshhold for mandatory accident report about 70%. So I dial 9-1-1 and go through the whole song and dance. Dispatcher refuses to believe me when I specify the city police - she asks for details as to where I am. Finally convince her all I need is someone from Bangor P.D. to come by so I can file an accident report.

It'll be a while. Sit tight.

About 30 minutes later a car pulls off behind me, turns on some blue strobe lights and a face appears at my driver's side window, inquiring whether I am OK. After a short discussion, it is pretty obvious that said police officer wasn't dispatched to my site - he was just driving by. In point of fact, he isn't from Bangor P.D. at all -- just a nice young (oh my, how very young he is) Maine State Trooper.

Trooper Bean then inquires as to the extent of damage - I do my song and dance and we both go to the front of the vehicle and look it over. He doesn't think it'll top a grand, so he calls Bangor P.D. and cancels them, then goes into the woods (we could still hear the deer in there) and dispatches the injured animal with his service automatic.

Later, back at his cruiser, he inquires if I want the meat. No tarp in the 'Burb and fully carpeted, and no plans to leave any power on in the house when we head out to the South lands. So, the local homeless shelter will be the beneficiary of my misfortunate meeting with Herr Buck and Trooper Bean.

Pictures of the truck damage after daylight. Maybe. I didn't take any of the deer - too P.O.'d

Yes, I am just fine - merely annoyed and dreading dealing with the insurance company, body shops and all before being able to leave -- snow is forecast for Sunday, darn it. Next week looks to be poor for traveling, too.

And So It Goes...


Donna said...

Oh crap!

threecollie said...

Dang, I got mine last fall...made me just about hate deer. Sorry about yours.

nzforme said...

Wow! Glad you're ok.

Howdy said...

Gee you could have put on dry ice drove to Rock Hall and we could have pig out on deer stakes, what ever were you thinking! GEE WIZZ
You Know Who

Wil said...

thanks all. While I have no problems with harvesting the meat from an animal killed instantly by a collision, I haven't any interest in trying steaks from one that has had to thrash around with a broken leg for a half hour - the level of adrenalin renders it suitable for little more than ground dog meat.

gigi said...

Wow, rotten luck, Wil. Glad you're OK, though.

Woody said...

Stopped by while killing time, got my 4 point in November with a remington 243, here road kill is very common in northern NY, I agree with you on not wanting to eat venision from road kill, it does not taste good!
Sounds like your heading south, if so, have a good trip!!

take care


Chris said...

Kind of makes hunting deer with a .30-06 seem redundant and inefficient, doesn't it?

I wouldn't know, I've gone deer hunting twice and never fired a shot. I prefer paper targets:)