Monday, December 22, 2008

Hard Driving Seventeen Inches...

No, Silly. Not me. The blizzard!

Yep, still stuck in Maine. Up to my knees in snow after enduring 30-40 MPH winds driving 17" of the white stuff. It wasn't fit for a flea on a South-fleeing mule. Temps in the teens and the wind chill in the negative numbers.

I know how cold it was . I worked out in it for several hours trying to get ready to leave.

Everything takes four times as long as normal and exhausts me.

Anyway, still here. Still cold. Very, very broke.

Bah humbug.


Donna said...

Temps in the teens?


We've hovered around zero for three days.


Wil said...

I'm sure you know there isn't a whole lot of snowing going on when temps are below 0°F. The teens have been the highest I've seen since it rained early last week and then froze everything in place. There are folks in NH & western Maine still without power since the ice storm 12 days ago. It was -7°F. on Sunday morning. It had to warm up into the teens to snow. I hear it's going to rain Friday and Saturday...

Chris said...

I thought about you guys when I saw the forecast the other day. I figured you were out of there by now. Be safe and happy holidays!