Sunday, March 07, 2010

Life List Addition: Golden Eagle

Photo credit: Zoologická zahrada Ostrava from Wikipedia

A week ago on Thursday, February 25, while driving on Hooper Road in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, I spied a flash of gold above me and then he opened his wings to the sun. Absolutely stunning. I slowed as much as practical, but the lack of shoulders and heavy traffic precluded stopping for a better look and he was soon gone from view, dammit. It was a mature male Golden Eagle of the North American sub-genus. I suspect he was just on a "flyabout" as this is outside the eastern limits of the species usual range. Then again, he may have a Cox Cable feed of CNN and fell for Al Gore's nonsense. Or perhaps he was just trying to escape the snows in Houston...

I may have seen some Golden Eagles in California 42 years ago, but my recollection of that period is, shall we say, a mite shaky.

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