Monday, March 29, 2010

What Did You Do This Weekend, Old Dog?

Well, this weekend has been devoted to grandkids and their pre-season T-ball & “Coaches Pitch” season warm-up tournaments. Lots of sun, fun, tears and trophies. Congratulations to the “Rangers” and grandmonster Caleb for their 2nd place in the tournament championship. “Good-for-yous” go out to the “Pretty Princesses” and grandmonsteresses Abby, Emily & Gabby upon their first win ever with “Special Recognition” for the divine Miss Em's first run scored. May you all have many more as the season progresses. Also, the grandmonster Braydon looked mighty spiffy in his new cleats and batting gloves.

Got some sun on Sunday and also took in the 3D version of “How To Train Your Dragon”. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the 3D animations were great. And one point I was snatching puffballs in the sky in front of me. Shades of '68, I kid you not!

Time to be moving on. Want to see the desert in bloom this year but don't want to burn to a crisp, so time to go is now. Preparations in Very Serious Mode are on the agenda Monday, weather permitting. The better half has decreed that Iggy the itchy dog is overdue for a flea bath, so I suspect that will also occur – he sleeps with me, so enlightened self-interest dictates a prompt follow through on that suggestion.

Spring has sprung, my nose is still running and the moon is almost full. Be careful when you go out in the woods and fields ... hibernating snakes are emerging now and the newborns should also be appearing before long.

Happy Spring Cleaning, y'all.

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