Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Finds Me Where???

So, where do we find ourselves this Memorial Day Weekend? Still in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, watching the weather radar as afternoon severe (but spotty) thunderstorms take aim on my aluminum tube home.

As some of you know, my wife recently had a cardiac scare which, after an overnight hospitalization, proved to be viral in origin. Whew! It had us worried for a bit, for sure. Anyway, what with that and our compounded (confounded, too) predilection for procrastination and crowd avoidance, we are sticking close to the Old Louisiana Home™. No sense battling for a space in a crowded campground or driving amongst the holiday throngs. Things will be much more inviting come Tuesday or Wednesday of next week as most of the holiday revelers have returned to home, school and work.

I hope you have a fun, safe and enjoyable MDW, regardless of where or what you choose to do. Don't lose sight of the reason for the holiday -- far too many men and women have given their lives so we may enjoy ours in
Freedom. Let us now not abandon them in the headlong rush by "NIMBY-istic nabobs of negativity" (to mangle former Vice President Spiro Agnew's phrase) to secure the barn door after the race horse got out.

Make no mistake. All of the breast beating and saber rattling these vacuous "patriots" and Tea Party sheep will make over this weekend in endless speeches and broadcasts are all about the last gasp of white supremacy and racial separatism in their very small minds. Latching on to such very real issues of the threat of global terrorism and Islamic extremists hell-bent to convert all the teeming masses of the world to their closed-minded, limited world view masquerading as religion, is just their way of "putting all the others in their place." Talk about your narrow world view...

So remember the fallen and the maimed and injured who sacrificed for you and yours. But don't fall for their racist, misogynistic rhetoric. It is beneath you and very dangerous to your responsibilities as citizens of the United States of America and the world.

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