Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What the ...?

Still cooking over a fire of toasted crawfish in Louisiana, again ungainfully unemployed. Hoping to leave for Maine soon as we straighten out some bureaucratic snafus here in the Sportsman's Oil Mecca of the USA. Night breezes often are redolent with wafted Mexican Crude.

Found this Fionavar Tapestry Character Test over on Paul's blog, Aurora Walking Vacation. So, what the heck, I took the "personality test" and this is what appeared. Me, stubborn? Do pigs fly on Sundays?

I'm Aileron!
I'm Aileron!
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Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

You are Aileron, High King of Brennin. Taciturn and stubborn, you are skilled in many areas and find yourself taking a leadership role. You are a hard worker and hold fast to your beliefs, only rarely allowing your humour and feelings to show forth.

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Anonymous said...

I am Brendel of the lios alfar.

Wise and with a passion that can be seen in your eyes, you love good song and nature, and are able to see and appreciate the beauty in all things. A loyal and strong person, your friends always know they can rely on you.

Maybe that commercial which ended with an indian tear should get dusted off... sadly funny how history keeps repeating itself isn't it?