Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leaves and grass...

We survived the "1st N'oreaster" of the season, although Iggy and I were busy this morning hauling fallen limbs off the road so we are able to drive in and out the camp road without (hopefully) puncturing our tires. The leaves took a major hit from all the rain and wind. We are definitely 'past peak' around here now. Still pretty, though. Except, now I will have to mulch the newly downed leaves with the lawnmower. Again.

Been trying to catch up on my blog reading and have come to a conclusion -- it is time to thin out again. It's the recurring story of my life -- my eyes are bigger than my stomach and that is massive ;-). There simply isn't enough time available in my day to read them all. So, apologies in advance to all that receive the cut. Information overload has struck again.

I've had no luck finding work so far. This area is hurting, big time. There seems to be six to ten applicants for every shitty opening and hundreds for good ones.

Going to be moving to the house soon as nightly temperatures are headed for below freezing this week and the wind comes whistling down from Canada with next to nothing to stop it. This aluminum beer can we call home loses the heat faster than we generate it.

That is all for tonight. Keep the greasy side down, all you Snobirds as you head South. Wish we were also leaving but the wallet is bare still.

And so it goes...

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Donna said...

Oh no, don't thin me!!!! My sister is heading to Texas next weekend.