Saturday, November 30, 2013

A mite chilly this morning ...

At 6:30 it was barely 8°F with a soft, chill 5MPH breeze. The exhaust from the generator and furnace are great billows of steam, but it is so dry they're transmogrifying directly into the air, rather than freezing and condensing as snow. I am up so early as the furnace has been giving us fits since last night when the fuel bottle decided to freeze. That necessitated restarting by hand many times until flow was restored.

I am really not an early morning person -- witness my sleeping through two alarms Friday morning to put the trash out for pickup. No, not door to door. But all of us down on the water put barrels out on the corner where the big compressor truck can still turn around. Best be out by 7AM, too. So my 9:30 crawl out from beneath the blankets didn't cut it in the pick up department.

I braved the Black Friday crowds to pick up my wife's paycheck, but was singularly unimpressed with a line at the drive-up at Dunkin Donuts that extended out onto the main road for a hundred yards. No coffee for me ... grumpity grump grump. Rushed home without making a deposit because my phone said SWMBO had a doctor appointment. My phone lied. Monday is the appointment, according to Her Nibs.

Today will be spent depositing check, buying generator gas and LP, obtaining some goodies at the grocery and, to borrow a phrase from Barney, the OFM, trying to have too much fun.

And So It Goes.


Thefinnishline said...

So life goes ... I am on Facebook now ...had resisted it for so long, but a lot of the family is on it.

We have several inches of snow I the U.P. ...many snows before had come and left, but it looks like this snow will stick?

I am on Facebook under Lois K Haglund .... I make several entries per day.

Dizzy-Dick said...

I guess you all use propane instead of butane. Butane would never turn to gas in the cold weather you have up that-a-way. I had my 250 gallon tank filled with propane a few weeks or so ago. I am now good for awhile, since all I use it for is hot water and cooking. Our heat is electric. In the RV I have a choice between the furnace (gas) and the heat pumps in my two AC units. Usually use the heat pumps when hooked up to the electric grid.

Wil said...

While I have an account with Facebook and Twitter, I find most forms of social media annoying. That may be because I write to please an imaginary audience. Consequently, I only check on FB once or twice a week. I'll look for you when I do, Lois. In the meantime, keep your stick on the ice.

Wil said...

Indeed, strictly propane. Butane just doesn't cut it below freezing. I've made the mistake of not using up the contents of my lp tanks after returning from Louisiana, only to have to drain them off in the sun, take them to a wholesaler and pay to have them purged against moisture with NO2 before refilling with LP. with nitrogen