Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What am I still doing here in Maine in November?

Good question. Second day of gale force winds and sub-freezing temps. Still with a busted furnace. Just a little "Mr Buddy" convection heater keeping the interior sorta tolerable. Not the regulator. Bought a new ignitor board last night for $120. Guess there's no coffee in my immediate future. Still too cold for these arthritic hands to attempt an installation.


Dizzy-Dick said...

This is even going to be a cold week down here in East Texas. In fact, parts of Texas will get snow. But today is bright and sunny and will get up near 70. Not bad, not bad. Eat your heart out (grin)

Jon said...

I can certainly sympathize with you. A few years ago my furnace broke down during the coldest winter I ever rembmer in West Texas. It got down to 4 degrees at night. If I didn't have the fireplace I would have froze to death. I wore three layers of clothes.

Keep warm and stay well!