Thursday, September 11, 2014

We Shall Never Forget

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There will be much written and spoken this 13th year after the ignominious attacks by terrorists upon the USA. They were not the first, nor will the be the last. Unlike those that came before, we watched the September 11, 2001 attacks live, in high resolution color, in every way and from any direction possible. In horror.

My wife woke me shortly after the first airliner struck the World Trade Center. We watched with the rest of the nation as the second plane struck the other tower. We watched in inevitable horror, shock and resignation as the terrorists piloted a third jet into the Pentagon. The crash and disintegration of the fourth passenger plane in a field in Pennsylvania was a bitter aftermath to the horror of the morning and early afternoon's carnage.

While I have aged along with everyone else since then, the nightmare images persist in memory. Their immediacy, the feeling of helplessness to affect the outcome of the events of the day rage in my chest today as they did then, replacing the calm strength and vitality that once were my stock-in-trade response to tragedy and chaos as a firefighter and medic.

I shall not forget unto my dying day. Will you?


Jon said...

You've expressed my feelings exactly. That horrible day will always be fresh in my memory.

Dizzy-Dick said...

No I will never forget, and no American should. It should be remembered for many generations, so that we and they can always be on the lookout for terrorists and maybe avoid more tragedy. Don't ever let the terrorists win!!!

Thefinnishline said...

It was fate that had me waiting in Atlanta, Georgia in my truck for hours ...waiting to get my Big Truck unloaded. I was watching my T. V. ... I called my Mom & others to turn on their T. V.
Then, the hysteria around the East Coast for months....