Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dis 'n' Dat

Heard from my neighbor, yesterday. They're having a helluva winter in Maine. SO glad I am not there...

It's Mardi Gras time here. Of course, now my arthritis in my hip and leg chose this past week to go into high gear. Big time pain that NSAIDs don't touch. So much for watching the various Krewes do their thing either in New Orleans or Baton Rouge and vicinity. Standing for more than a half hour is excruciating now.

The dogs are loving it here in Louisiana. They have a fenced yard to play in, four other dogs to play with, and they even get to have a kid or two to chase in fun, now and again.

Another soldier dies in Baghdad. The new kid on the block doesn't seem able to convince the military-industrial establishment to loosen the reins of the war wagon, does he?

Speaking of his presidency, Obama is not going to be the "Great Black Hope" supporters made him out to be, pre-election. This economic depression won't allow that particular legacy to survive. It is going to be very bad for a long time. I suspect I won't live to see a recovery...

A shout out to NZforme who has recently bought herself a house! When's the move date -- my chiropractor has me scheduled for back therapy that day... (actually I am envious - sun, warmth and a built-in cocktail shaker - what else could you want in a home?)

SO, in closing, as they say down here:


Celle said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Hrmm... Won't live to see a recovery -- is it really as bad as all that? I'm not too familiar with this part of history, but how long before America pulled itself out of the Great Depression?

Wil said...

The so-called "Great Depression" is considered to have lasted 10 years, from "Black Friday" in 1929 until the start of the first debates in the US Senate over entering the war in Europe in 1940. In actuality, the worst was probably over by 1937.

To directly answer your question, I have ill-health issues, some of my own making and some genetic, which make it highly unlikely that I'll see the start of the decade after next (ie. I will be dead before 2021 - most likely before 2015). In my not so humble opinion, it'll be another 10 years before you see any substantive improvement in the world economy. G8 countries should be well on the way to recovery by 2020, if they do not succumb to the temptation to throw the baby (capitalism) out with the bath water (Draconian measures necessary to pull the economy out of the shitter). If that DOES occur - all bets are off on the potential survival of the human race, let alone the world economy. (There are) Too many stupid people with their fingers on too many triggers of all sorts.

Meanwhile, like so many other meat-monkeys, I keep on keeping on. If the West collapses, then I'll be just another member of the hoi poloi - albeit a classy homeless one, living in a glorified tin can...until I starve to death or succumb to my health problems.