Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tempus Fugit

My, my. Where has the time flown? Seems like just last week I wrote the entry below. Tempus Fugit goes the old saying. My personal tempus seems to be employing a Learjet while my memory and recall creeps along in this Model A flivver for a brain.

Mostly consumed with the intricacies of daily life and survival in this modern world of ours. This area, Baton Rouge, hasn't seen the drastic economic collapse evident in so much of the rest of the nation and world. Hurricane Katrina forced a massive population shift northward five years ago, Some 400,000 came and only half of them went home. There is a construction boom here that is mind-boggling to the uninitiated. Old, bad, habits die hard, so I see new construction that I would have placarded as unsafe back in the day. Oh well. Some other schmoo's problem. I'm out to pasture.

We've had a beautiful run of weather the past week: warm, sunny days in the 80's with nights in the 50's and 60's. A good thing the nights have been so cool, too. The Airstream needs its air conditioner recharged and there isn't a 30 amp hookup so I couldn't run it even if I wanted. :-0 We have had rain the past two days but it is needed (it is Spring here) so it's all good. My wife saw her first snake of the year over at her son's house. Time to start paying more attention to the dogs when they are out and no more bare feet walking from the trailer to the house.

Up home they are having a bit of a thaw. The local "Pettybees"* are voicing concerns about flooding and roofs collapsing from the weight of water and snow (over 4 feet of the stuff up in "the county" but my neighbor says the only threat to the homeplace is on the garage and I designed the trusses for a 100 pound per square foot snowload, so no worry). Another month and it will be time to head north to take advantage of the building season to get some things done to the camp.

One of my stepdaughter's dogs has come into heat. Her two males, a visiting male Schipperke (Iggy's sire) and Iggy are all extremely attentive to the BIH. Timing couldn't have been better as far as I am concerned.

Iggy made the promised trip to the Vet last week and came home a day later with an "elizabethan collar" and a drug hangover that made me wince. Oh, and he was minus previously intact portions of his anatomy. Took the E-collar off last night and he discovered what he was missing. Refused to have anything to do with me all evening!

Waiting for the mudbug season to really start down here - another couple of weeks the price should come down to near-reasonable and I'll get us a mess to chow down on before leaving Louisiana. Should be strawberry festival in Ponchatula soon, too. Yum...

That's the news. Be good to yourselves...

* "Pettybees" or PTB's = Powers That Be


loisontheweb said...

So far ... the doggy situation is okay? For most parties, anyways. Sounds as tho you missed a "wonderful" winter back home.

Robbie said...

Already planning to head north?!? It seems like you only just left. Good grief time is flying too fast.