Friday, February 01, 2013

A Wild Ride

The past day and a half has been one of extremes. A high temp of 56°F.
Almost 2 inches of rain. Freezing rain and road ice stranding drivers
off the road. Extreme thaw making any driving off "the hard" a fool's
errand, at best. And through it all there has been wind. Great gusts
of the stuff. Hurricane force on the coast and here, not so shabby
zephyrs reaching 54 MPH (official reading at the airport). One local
business lost its tin roof to a micro-burst as the front came through
yesterday. Water cannon blasts of rain squall lines almost like being
in a Florida thunder storm. All the snow is gone. Now, hazy overcast
and in the mid to low 20's with a forecast low below zero tonight.
Chance of snow this weekend. Back to winter we go.

Through it all I have been receiving calls from a telemarketing bunch
out of Arizona. Seven calls in two days and counting. ATT Wireless
doesn't allow one to block numbers on your iPhone -- they have to do
it for you.

Hope y'all are safe and warm...

And So It Goes.

1 comment:

Dizzy-Dick said...

Get them telemarketers on the phone and keep them talking. They will soon learn it is a waste of time to call you.

Keep warm. It has been nice here and will be in the mid 70's this weekend.