Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Evernote:Motorcycle camping in the blizzard – Bennett There Done That - BDN Maine Blogs

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Motorcycle camping in the blizzard – Bennett There Done That - BDN Maine Blogs

We have (mostly) survived Snowzilla, receiving 23 1/2" here at the trailer while six miles away at the airport (KBGR) the official tally was 18.4". Sadly, Tyler lost the center bearing and drive shaft support trying to plow out his equipment and was still awaiting the big flatbed to take his plow truck off to a garage for repair when we talked yesterday mid-day. To add insult to injury we picked up an additional 3" of the white stuff yesterday before it turned to rain. The only one who appreciated that development was Iggy. Now the snow surface will support him, sort of, so he can attend to business without slowly sinking out of sight as the warmth of his rotund body melts down through the powder. SWMBO was forced to call out of work, which the PTB's* didn't appreciate, but there is no way in hell she could make it the 100' through that crotch-deep snow to a taxi with her cane, assuming one could even be had... there be a lot of folks in need of alternate transport in town. A driver could make three times the fare allowable for a pick-up out in the boonies just by answering calls in Bangor.

So, here's hoping we get plowed out before 6 AM Wednesday... no more time available to miss work and we will be out of fuel for heat and power by then. It could be worse as some folks to the South have been without those commodities since Friday morning.

Finally, give a looksee at this blog entry by Bangor Daily News  photographer Troy Bennett -- the damned fool went motorcycle camping in the blizzard! Link at bottom .

PS editing an entry really sucks when you can't highlight anything.

*PTB: Powers That Be, ie. The Man, bosses, etc.


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