Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting Along

Had another blizzard last weekend. Not as bad this time. In between the two we had a goodly amount of melting with a few inches of rain to beat the snow drifts into submission. This time, three inches of snow with only 50MPH gusts with above freezing temps and rains at the end left us with a couple inches of slush. Almost felt like Spring for a while. Then the evening low of 18° F. Brought us back to reality.

Yes, Punxsutawney Phil, there IS six more weeks of winter to come. Damn it.

Iggy is confused by all of the extreme temperature swings, so he is blowing coat. EVERYWHERE. I haven't had a bite of food, cup of coffee nor brushed my teeth without plucking a long, black Iggy hair from my mouth. Trust me when I say it isn't an improvement to my oatmeal. He is freezing when outside and covering the interior of the trailer in a cast off fur coat.

Nothing else new to report. Just another day in paradise.

And So It Goes.

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