Wednesday, January 03, 2007

MEME: Wednesday Mind Hump – Straw Man Edition

Image © 2005 Forsakenchild

Greetings, people! Today's hump is brought to you by Drinking Straw Day. We're just gonna get silly for this one.

1. What's your favorite beverage to suck up through a straw?
Gin and Tonic
2. Do you prefer the ordinary straight straws, or the crazy, colorful, twisted straws?
Straight & narrow for this old time Republican (heheh)
3. Do you ever make those loud sucking noises at the end of the drink to annoy other people? And does that annoy you?
I have been known to do the sucking farts on more than one occasion. Yet, under the right circumstances, it annoys the bejeezums out of me...
4. Name one thing to do with a drinking straw other than using it to drink.
Snort cocaine, use it as a device to transfer small amounts of liquid materièl.

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