Friday, August 15, 2003

Animated GIFs in Text - An Experiment

Animated GIFs in Text - An Experiment

My friend Pam wrote me recently with a problem incorporating an animated Gif smiley, one of those smileys associated with Superbuddys on AOL, in her blog. I don't quite know where the problem lies. But Pam was the one who figured out that animated GIFS could be used if placed in ones FTP storage area and then referenced in an entry in AOL Journals, So I owe her.

Seems this is the smiley in question: Hmm. How odd. It doesn't appear as a smiley in the edit screen.

But it appears as it should if I cut and paste from the image file. Very odd behavior.

No it didn't! It only looked right when I composed the message, not when it was loaded into the blog. ( it's at the beginning of the paragraph above and is not visible) Weirder and weirder.