Thursday, August 21, 2003

Nude Resort? NIMBY!

'Clothing optional' resort draws critics (Bangor Daily News Articles) read the headline in the paper yesterday. Being a dirty old pooch I couldn't help myself -- I read the dang thing. Bunch of uptight citizens objecting to nudity in their backyard. All this farmer wants to do is make a few bucks to help pay the taxes -- Lord knows dairy farming isn't doing it.

So imagine my suprise this morning when I flip on this flippermadigit {AKA computer, ed.} and find this headline staring out from the AOL Welcome Screen:

The Nude Economy - See the Latest in Nude Recreation!
which leads you to Fly Luxe. Fly Cheap. Fly Naked! -- Jun. 09, 2003 .

Holy Mouldy, degenerate pooch! Theres MONEY to be made from NUDITY! My dream$ have come true! Lechery and u$ury combined!

Well I came back to earth from my deviant revelry swatting at, wouldn't you know it, one of Maine's State Birds -- the Mosquito. Reality hit like the proverbial "brick $hite house" (yeah, I know -- hunt as much as you like, you won't find it in YOUR Bible. Ask your priest, vicar, parson, rabbi, reverend or other religious critter to show you the Apocrypha. While you're at it..... make his day, little girl, and ask to see his etchings. Dirty old men need love, too, you know?).

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