Thursday, August 21, 2003

No money in Nude Resorts in Maine! (Part Dieux)

No money in Nude Resorts in Maine! (Part Dieux)

Maine may be the place where l make my home but no cobwebs obscure my vision. There's maybe 2 months of suitable nudeable weather up here, unless winning the Mr. Nude Goosebump & Shrunken Widget Contest is your type of thrill. Not to mention the State Bird, aforementioned, and her sidekick, midget kamikaze death bug -- The MKDB - AKA -- The Maine Black Fly. And the farmer's nemesis, the Horse Fly (about an inch long) and the Deer Fly ( about a half inch) -- both of which carry around 10 pound barbells for exercise -- in their jaws, bygawd!

Nope, I'm afraid that those folks all stirred up, down in Albion, Maine, best take a hard look at the "joys" of hosting a barbecue in their backyards... and then go back to suckling their 'holier than thou' nectar right quick before it turns to gaul and wormwood in their mouths. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows you can't make money running a nudist colony in Maine.

Besides, I want to do it up here - let the NIMBY's have their fun down there in Albion - I can do it here, 10 minutes from an International Airport. And I know my closest neighbors won't complain, neither, 'cause they're nudists themselves!

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