Thursday, August 07, 2003

Dog Days of August

It's a sultry day here in the North Country. No breeze. Mosquitoes zero in on stationary humans then forget why they flew so hard and fast. Low, thin to medium overcast, muggy, high 20's (low 80's for the metrically challenged). Just the kind of day to drive Mainiacs to the beach where they will crisp and fry to a lobster shade of puce? Well! cerulean, at least.

Too much "Queer Eye" influence, I guess. Although, truth be told, while I find the 'Fab Five's' antics amusing, I've only watched two episodes and find the theme is too repetitive for my tastes. However, I read an entertainment news blurb that has the F5 and crew off to LaLa Land to shop for a big makeover of Jay Leno. Poor SOB!

Willow the Wonder-Dog (a tip of the fedora to Robert Parker in recognition of "Pearl the Wonder Dog" and her human slaves, Susan Silverman and Spencer) is stretched out full-length on her back, her feet and other portions of her anatomy spread to the breeze of a 36" floor fan. Movement doesn't seem to be in her repertoire, unless of course, someone puts kibble in her bowl. WTWD is a 110 pound, neutered Rottwiler-Bull Mastiff cross. She looks like a boxer on steroids and indeed, doesn't always know her own strength... she once pulled me off my feet (all 250+ pounds of prime beef) in her enthusiasm to meet a particularly handsome, long-haired male GSD. Rolled me into the flower beds, she did. But most of the time she's as gentle as a lamb and just as frisky!