Sunday, September 07, 2003

Eat Lead, Tomato Flinger! Up Yours, Shotgun Boy!

A sad story from Mt. Hope, Ohio detailing what's known of the death of 23 year-old Steven L. Keim, a local Amish youth.

It seems this man, albeit a product of an insular culture and in many ways a 'babe in the corn rows,' should have thought ahead before engaging in an annoying prank. Plastered motorists don't take kindly to having the $hite scarred out of them in Ohio. One tomato too many and Steven is lying in a pool of his own sauce. I guess his goose was cooked.

While I can understand the rage the driver felt about being pelted by rotten red fruit, his reaction is right up there in the annals of sheer stupidity alongside George W's whimpering tantrums about Sadam. In fact, I think it's time to delete the "cruel and unusual punishment" amendment from our Constitution. A pike pole up the butt, on display 24/7 until 1 year after expiry, might just cause miscreants, like our "I can't take a joke, so lets kill the Amish kid with a shotgun" dude, a moment's pause. Hopefully it will be the moment just before he, and those like him, loads the shotgun.