Saturday, September 27, 2003


(Copyright © 2003 Chris Bishop)

As a kid I looked forward to the paper with mixed emotions each morning. On the one hand, it mean't getting up an hour or so early to deliver the bloody things. Once that was done, I could sit down and enter the wonderful world of the "News". And the first bit I went to? You guessed it. The Comics.

Dick Tracy. Snuffy Smith and friends. The Family Circus. Peanuts. Brenda Starr. Flash Gordon.

Al Capp was my hero. I wanted to be as darkly funny almost from the moment I managed to tear my eyes from Daisy Mae's err, thighs. So what a sad day it was when I discovered that I couldn't draw worth diddley. I mean, I always was a little embarassed by the stick figure drawings I made in elementary school. I actually thought I'd improved -- until my first art class in Junior High. Then I knew it was hopeless. I'd never be even a tenth as good as most of the people in the class. And so it goes.....

Enough of my childhood traumas. The whole point of this entry, if you are still with me, was this: I've stumbled upon a new comic strip artist I feel is worthy of your time and attention. The artist is Chris Bishop, a starving twenty-something. The strip is called "Her" and is about a girl and her pig. A very sick girl. The pig is worse. Together they are darkly hilarious. Sadly, copyright makes it impossible to share a whole strip with you, but here is a frame
I have cut out and pasted to my computer monitor. Hy thee away to Chris's web site and read the archives. I'm sure you'll be glad you did.