Monday, September 08, 2003


Society of Curmudgeons Vying for Digital Blog Awards

The name appeals to my sense of romance and adventure. You see, there's a bunch of folks over on the message boards at Paddling Net who advocate ... well, piracy. Of the 'it's all in good fun' type of hijinks and dirty tricks when out on the water and back in camp. Heck they even have a Pirate Queen, although she's been sidelined of late battling a different scurvy dog - breast cancer. Something I know damn little about, in the up close and personal sense, but I know a few women who have had close scares and others who weren't so fortunate. And remember guys, we are NOT immune.

So I got to thinking about what I'd call a group up here in the hinterlands where piracy was a way of life and means of making a living by my ancestors. Given the nature of this blog and who I am, having used the appelation of "olddog" for nearly 20 years, first on IRC then at AOL, what better than the "Scurvy Dogs"? Particularly in this land of clouds and sea, where Vitamins C & D are tough to come by?

Imagine my disgust at discovering by a google search that the name is far from original? There's even a comic book! And, shiver me timbers and keelhaul the sum of a beach, the National Talk Like A Pirate Day is but ten days hence! Arrrrgh!

Guess I'll have to put that thinking cap back on. And if you'd like to know your pirate name, knave, just click here. And avast ye wenches and half-fast wrenches, my better half advises that "here be a pirate worth getting to know better."

(Fair Warning: Soft core pornography. Do not open in front of eyes which would take offense and maybe, I don't know, fire you? Report you to your state's sexual harassment board? Keep out of reach of children and impressionable prudes. 'Nuff said.)