Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Let 'Em Eat (beef) Cake!

Seems my pal Pam, over at "Just One Girls Head Noise" got to see her away-at-college son last night via a webcam for the first time since he left home. Gotta love modern technology.

She also noticed his empty kitchen cupboards. So what does she do? Check it out. Know that if my mother had been able to see my empty cupboards in college she'd have simply laughed. Having raised three to adolescence, she knew that boys have hollow legs. LMAO!

Written by olddog299 .
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    Always a pleasure to help. And remember this, don't go rushing to his rescue quite so fast. He'll never learn to budget his resources if you do! :}

    Comment from olddog299 - 9/19/03 4:24 AM

    lol thanks for the humorous input !!! as far as hollow legs .. i agree !! but i gave birth to those legs and as god as my witness, those hollow legs will never go hungry again !!!

    and thanks for sharing all your insight with me on the complicated stuff

    Comment from his1desire - 9/14/03 2:57 PM