Sunday, September 28, 2003

Where Japanese Commuter Train Ramp Attendants Go Upon Retirement - Somali!

From Reuters via Yahoo! World News comes the following:

"A Somali truck loaded with corn is parked on the side of a road in Mogadishu, September 24, 2003. The delapidated city is the capital of the failed Horn of Africa state, where motorists have the choice of driving on the right or the left hand side of the road, such is Mogadishu's anarchy. Car wrecks, goats, cattle and the tent-like homes of refugees line the pot-holed, sandy streets. The country collapsed into chaos in 1991 after the ousting of former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre." REUTERS/Antony Njuguna © 2003 Reuters

First seen by me at remainders - Thanks for the lead it IS a great photo.

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    haha !! that is hilarious !! looking at the smaller version, i thought it was one of those natural sponges .. i was floored when i realized what it really was .. thanks for the chuckles this am !!!
    Comment from his1desire - 9/29/03 1:28 PM