Sunday, September 18, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 137 ITLAPD¹ Edition

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Less filling:: pieces of eight

  2. Glue:: that which holds a pirate band together, arrr.

  3. Surprise me:: Argh! Be it my saber or me mighty sabre, Cap'n?

  4. Model:: Boing!!

  5. Fee:: simple, stupid git! Your money, or your life? What'll it be?

  6. Microphone:: What be saving me vocal chords during the prenups, argh!

  7. Choices:: Plank or the yardarm?

  8. To the bone:: Slice him, dice him, fillet him...

  9. Run!:: Never. United we stand, divided we fall. Unless you are asking to run before the wind, matey?

  10. Appeal:: Denied! Now walk the plank, you useless pustule on the backside of humanity!

Play along, landlubber. Git your own list o' words, invent your answers and post a link in the comments over thar at the crazy chica's place, La Luna Niña's.

¹ International Talk Like A Pirate Day -- MONDAY September 19, 2005

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