Monday, October 31, 2005


I'm not often taken for a cat lover, even though I am owned by a dozen of them. So asking the AOL-AIM Journal land for help for a cat I am not associated with directly isn't my style. But I chanced to stumble onto a blog named Lost in the Fogg this evening during my blog jog that details the condition of this fortunate unfortunate pussy cat. Unfortunate, because she was hit in the head by a car. Fortunate, because this blogger's wife was the one who found the kitty and took it to an emergency veterinary hospital. They've worked on her, wiring and gluing her broken jaw and bolted her together to recuperate. So far (as of the weekend) the vet bills exceed $2000!

The saga of Samantha and her recovery began on the 21st of October. To date, they have collected almost $1600 in donations for the care of the kitty. If it had been me, I probably would have put her out of her misery, as I would do for a dog in the same circumstances. These kind hearted folks didn't and now need your help. Start out with reading the tale as it unfolds here: Please Help This Cat!

And if the spirit moves you, donate to help defray the costs incurred. If that isn't something you can bring yourself to do, give to your local animal shelter or the American Red Cross or to the charity of your choice, because the need doesn't stop, just because the camera isn't pointed that way...

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