Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's all about the need...

Something a little more frivolous today I think, something I shamelessly stole from Silk at Just Breathe.

Go to google and do an advanced search and in the exact phrase section type '(name) needs' and post the first ten subjects that come up.

  1. Wil needs to learn how NOT to studder (sic).

  2. Wil needs to have CHF 300,000 by Tuesday - or else no NLA license.

  3. Wil needs Mojo

  4. WIL Needs Outlines! ...

  5. WIL needs your help! Please provide 2 different women leaders in the Bay Area you know who might be interested in participating in a WIL event

  6. Wil needs to keep her personal life --

  7. Wil needs To film himself doing the StarWars kid dance. even Space Ghost is doing It....

  8. After dealing with the sick company for eight years, the bench observed that WIL needs to be wound up as all options for its revival have been explored

  9. Wil needs to find her mama a man, so as to save face with the family and community. She also needs to find a way to make her love of Vivan work out.

  10. Wil needs just a little more ground clearance

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